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Welcome to ZoshMFG Media Services, your premier destination for all things video production and online presence enhancement. At ZoshMFG, we specialize in elevating your digital footprint through expert YouTube channel consulting, coupled with top-tier video production and editing services. Whether you're an aspiring content creator or a seasoned brand looking to captivate your audience, we're here to bring your vision to life with creativity, professionalism, and unmatched expertise.



  • Basic YouTube Channel Review:
    • Description: Analysis of your YouTube channel's current state with suggestions for improvement.
    • Price: $50


  • YouTube Strategy Development:
    • Description: Customized strategy development to help you achieve your YouTube goals, including content planning, audience targeting, and optimization techniques.
    • Price: $100


  • Content Optimization Package:
    • Description: In-depth analysis of your video content, including keyword research, title optimization, thumbnail design suggestions, and metadata enhancement.
    • Price: $150


    • Networking Strategy:
      • Description: Guidance on how to monetize your YouTube channel effectively, including ad revenue, sponsorships, merchandise, and other revenue streams.
      • Price: $200


    • Channel Growth Plan:
      • Description: Customized growth plan outlining actionable steps to increase your channel's subscribers, views, and overall reach.
      • Price: $250


    • One-on-One Coaching Sessions:
      • Description: Personalized coaching sessions with Zosh to address your specific challenges and goals.
      • Price: $50/hourly


    • Comprehensive YouTube Audit Package:
      • Description: A comprehensive package including channel review, content optimization, audience analysis, and personalized recommendations for growth.
      • Price: $300



    • Hourly Rate
      • $80/hr
    • Silver Package - $200 per video
      • - Up to 30 minutes of raw footage
      • - Basic color correction and audio enhancements (including audio tracks)
      • - Simple transitions and text overlays
      • - 1 round of revisions

      Gold Package - $350 per video
      • - Up to 60 minutes of raw footage
      • - Advanced color grading and sound mixing  (including audio tracks)
      • - Custom transitions and animated graphics
      • - 2 rounds of revisions

      • - Prices are subject to change based on project complexity and client requirements.
      • - Additional revisions beyond the specified rounds will be charged at $50 per round.
      • - For projects exceeding 60 minutes of raw footage, custom quotes will be provided.





    Basic Package - $250


    • Up to 2 hours of filming
    • Single-camera setup
    • Professional audio recording equipment 
    • Raw footage delivery

    Standard Package - $450:

    • Up to 4 hours of filming
    • Single-Camera setup (or Multi-Camera)
    • Professional audio recording equipment
    • Raw footage delivery
    Premium Package - $750:
    • Full day of Filming (up to 8 hours)
    • Single-Camera setup (or Multi-Camera)
    • Professional audio recording equipment
    • Raw footage delivery
    Custom Package:
    • Tailored to specific client needs
    • Includes pre-production planning, scripting, storyboarding
    • Additional services such as voiceover, location scouting, props, etc.
    • Pricing based on project requirements, to be discussed with the client.

    Note: Prices may vary based on location, equipment requirements, and additional services requested. Taxes and travel expenses may be additional.




    Standard Hourly Rate: $125 per hour


    • On-location shoot at specified location
    • Professional editing and retouching
    • Online gallery for viewing and downloading images
    • Usage rights for personal/non-commercial purposes

    Additional Services:

    • Additional Hourly Rate: $100 per hour
    • Advanced Editing and Retouching: $75 per hour
    • Custom Location Shoot: Price upon request
    • Commercial Usage Rights: Price upon request


    • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
    • Travel expenses may apply for locations outside [your service area].
    • Custom packages are available upon request.
    • Please contact us for a detailed quote tailored to your specific needs.


    Contact us for detailed quotes and customization options.




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